AS3 PHP LoginService API

This morning I wrote a quick API which allows you to easily invoke a PHP script from Flex 2, run a query on a MySQL database for authentication, and pass the results of the query back to the Flex client. The API consists of a simple login value object and a QueryService that calls an accompanying PHP script. The PHP script then runs a query based on the login value object passed in the query string as name value pairs.

The AS3 PHP LoginService API is intended to simply serve as a base class only. It is to be used as a starting point from which you can create a real world application based on sub-classing the QueryService to apply an MD5 encryption algorithm and so forth.

You can check out the example, accompanying ASDoc and source code as well as a Cairngorm 2.0 implementation which I created.

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  1. Nice. Im looking forward for the encryption part

  2. Thank you. For some reason I avoided learning Flex up until a week ago. WOW! Have I been missing out. Your code is a great resource. I had no problem implementing sha1 hash in the PHP and MySQL but since I’m new to Flex your code helped a lot.
    Thanks again

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