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AJAX Debugger beta 2.0

Recently, I wrote a simple AJAX debugger which can be useful in the debugging of complex types such as Objects, Arrays, JSON etc.

The AJAX Debugger traces out all inherited and “own” properties of user defined Object instances, properties/values of an Object, indexes of an Array, etc. – to a div with an id of “console” within an application.

To use the AJAX Debugger, simply include debugger.js in your application during development and create a div on the page with an id of “console” to serve as an output panel (I plan to implement the creation of the console div automatically in the next release).

To log output to the console, use the debugger’s trace function:

An upgrade to version 1.0 will be made within the next few weeks, allowing for the ability to launch the console in a separate window independent of the application itself.

An example of can be found

The AJAX Debugger can be downloaded

Feel free to email me with your thoughts and / or ideas to make the Debugger better.