Refreshing listviews in jQuery Mobile

Friday, November 18th, 2011

When dynamically creating or updating a list in jQuery Mobile; either via AJAX or by other means, one must take care to explicitly invoke the target listview widget to “refresh” in order to instruct the framework to apply the augmented markup and styles to the corresponding elements of the underlying list.

For example, consider the following simplified example which creates an li element for each item in an Array:

While this will create the list items and add them to the target listview ul element, JQM will not auto enhance the newly added items unless instructed to do so. I imagine this is due to a necessary design decision as, constantly monitoring the DOM for changes would certainly incur a performance hit.

In order to correct this, we just need to invoke .listview("refresh"); after appending the new elements to the list. This will notify JQM to apply the expected enhancements. And so, the following example will result in the expected list enhancements being applied:

You can try an example which demonstrates both of the above implementations here.

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