Advanced Flex 4

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

This morning I received a copy of the new Book Advanced Flex 4, written by my friend Elad Elrom and Shashank Tiwari, with contributions by Charlie Schulze.

Upon opening the package and browsing the first few pages, I was quite flattered to read:

“I would also like to thank Eric Feminella who has inspired me, mentored me and helped me to become a better Flex Architect. I had the pleasure of working with Eric at Weight Watchers three years ago and I have found that Eric is one of the smartest, yet extremely humble, people I have ever met. He has a deep understanding in OOP, Architecting Flex apps, as well as RIA in general. Check his blog here: and follow him on Twitter: @ericfeminella”

It is always nice to receive recognition for something; however, the real reward is in knowing you have had a positive impact on someone as, this has always been a very real goal of mine.

The book covers an awful lot of ground – everything from Mobile Applications, AIR 2.0, Flash Catalyst, Data Service Integration, consuming Web 2.0 APIs, Flex Mashups, Audio, Video, 3D and more. I especially like the the Chapter on Flash Player Security. The book also appears to follow the theme of traditional software development best practices, that is, the first chapter is on Test Driven Development – test first. A good read by any standards, and I highly recommend it.

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