Open Source AS3 APIs

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

For the past 4 years or so I have provided quite a few AS3 APIs as Open Source to the Flex Community, via my blog. These APIs can typically be found at the Open Source AS3 APIs page however, the page is basically just a URI to a series of arbitrarily added AS3 source classes. It was originally intended to simply serve as a convenient location to access the source, and it had always been my intention to eventually break out all of these APIs into seperate SVN projects.

So with that being said I am finally in the process of making the structural changes I had originally envisioned. Moving forward I will begin the process of creating seperate SVN projects for these Open Source APIs; with the primary goal being to provide practical APIs that only require minimal (if any) dependencies on additional libraries, complete test coverage via Flex Unit 4 and Mavenized builds.

The first project to move over to the new project structure will be the AS3 collections project as the classes in this package, specifically HashMap, have proven to provide the most value according to community feedback.

So stayed tuned!

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