AIR Cairngorm (AIR extensions for Cairngorm)

Monday, July 16th, 2007

I have developed an open source ActionScript 3 project called “AIR Cairngorm” which is intended to provide a framework for working with the new Adobe AIR services while utilizing the Cairngorm-micro architecture.

When I say AIR Services, I am referring to the SQLite and FileSystem APIs, which are available in Adobe AIR.

AIR Cairngorm provides a framework which developers can employee to build typical Cairngorm applications that utilize these services.

The following is a brief description of the AIR Cairngorm API:

AIRServiceLocator: The AIRServiceLocator is a sub class of Cairngorm ServiceLocator, therefore it inherits the same API as ServiceLocator, and adds an additional API for working with local databases.
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SQLService: The SQLService is essentially a wrapper class for the SQLStatement and SQLConnection classes. The SQLService class allows developers to create an mxml implementation just as one would with typical HTTPServices, WebService and so forth in a Cairngorm ServiceLocator.
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ISQLResponder: ISQLResponder provides a consistent API from which asynchronous SQLStatement execution results and faults can be handled. ISQLResponder is very similar to IResponder in that it defines both a result and fault handler with a slightly different signature which is specific to a SQLStatement result / fault, (i.e strongly typed parameters).
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: ISQLStatementResource is a marker interfaces which is intended to improve code readability by indicating that a class which implements this interface is to provide access to external SQL statements defined in a .properties file.
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SQLStatementHelper: SQLStatementHelper is an all static utility class which provides a mechanism for substituting tokens specified in a statement with arbitrary values.
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I am also releasing an update to Cairngen (though only a dot release) which supports the AIR Cairngorm API. Cairngen will now provide targets for generating business delegates which utilize the AIR Cairngorm services.

I suspect Adobe will release an updated version of Cairngorm which supports integration with AIR applications. AIR Cairngorm provides an interim solution which developers can use under the terms specified in the License.

I plan to update AIR Cairngorm to support the AIR File system API within the next week or so.

Below I have provided downloads for the source, binary, AIR Cairngen and usage example:

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