Cairngen Ant Tasks 1.2 Release

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

I have updated Cairngen to version 1.2 which introduces complete support for all Cairngorm 2+ releases as well as additional features to further improve usability.

If you are not familiar with Cairngen, it is an Ant based code generation tool for Adobe Cairngorm which allows developers to create Cairngorm project directories and classes from Flex Builder.

This latest release of Cairngen includes a few new features which have been added in addition to the original Cairngen 1.0 release which was published last week.

Below is a list of new features available in Cairngen 1.2:

  • Complete support for Cairngorm 2.0
  • Complete support for Cairngorm 2.1
  • Complete support for Cairngorm 2.2
  • Added logging capabilities for all targets
  • Abstracted user / project specific properties. User properties are now located in the file.

If you are using Flex builder as an Eclipse plugin, follow these steps to set up automatic project refreshes when using Cairngen: Select Run > External Tools > External Tools; select the build file then select the refresh tab and check the “refresh resources upon completion” checkbox. This will force a refresh everytime classes are generated to your project from Cairngen.

Download Cairngen 1.2

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