About Me

Eric FeminellaI am a Web Application Architect focused on delivering compelling User Experiences leveraging modern Web technologies and standards.

My passion for designing elegant software transcends technologies and form factors, and has allowed me to provide unique solutions for a broad range of horizontal and vertical markets within the public and private sectors alike.

This site is intended to serve as a technical resource for Software Developers in general, and Web Developers in particular. My goal is to help and inspire others by sharing unique, pragmatic solutions to real world challenges in the ever expanding Web Application space surrounding HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, as well as the multitudes of associated libraries, frameworks, and tooling which encompass the modern Web.

Currently, I work as a Principal UI Architect focusing on next generation Web Experiences for an innovative location based services provider in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Should you wish to engage me regarding Technical Consulting, or if you simply have a question, feel free to contact me.

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