SSH / Telnet client for Blackberry

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

These days almost everyone has a smart phone. Mobile Phones, particularly smart phones, allow users to easily browse the internet, use email, take pictures, videos, send and receive sms, mms, download native applications and much, much more. We live in a fast-moving world and having devices such as smart phones to help us keep up with this pace is paramount.

Anyone who owns a smartphone quickly realizes that the possibilities with it are endless. For example, I recently found a simple, free application which allowed me to log onto my server from my smartphone; a BlackBerry Curve 8310. I always thought it would be useful to be able to log in to my server from my phone and after doing a quick search I found MidpSSH – an SSH1/2 and Telnet client (with VT320 terminal emulation) for MIDP 1.0 / 2.0 (J2ME) devices.

Since the Blackberry OS provides MIDP 1.0 support and OS 4 provides a subset of MIDP 2.0 support, MidpSSH seemed like it would be a good fit.

Installing MidpSSH is very straightforward – like most installers for Blackberry. UX is straightforward as well, and once installed you can simply start up the client, create a new session (which can be saved, imported etc.), enter the host name and log in. You’ll also probably want to increase the font size as the default is set to “Tiny”, which is a very small font size. I changed this setting to LCD 5×9 which works well.

All in all a simple, yet very useful free application.

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