Running ASDoc against AIR projects

Friday, December 28th, 2007

At first glance one might think the ability to run asdoc.exe against an AIR project would be pretty much the same as compiling ASDocs for a typical Flex project – but it’s not.

I recently completed updating my AIRCairngorm project and decided to compile the source code documentation as I always do, however when I attempted to do so my build failed. Based on the exceptions asdoc.exe was throwing it was pretty obvious the build was failing because none of the classes in the AIR API could be resolved.

I did a quick Google search and unfortunately there wasn’t much out there explaining how to resolve the errors. After a little more digging around and exploring of the sdk I was able to fix the build. Basically asdoc.exe needs to point to air-config.xml as well as the location of the air swc’s.

Below is the final build I am using which will allow you to compile ASDocs for your AIR projects:

You will also need the file to go along with it:

So if you happen to run into this problem in the future you can use the ASDocAntTask project to compile ASDocs for your AIR projects without the headaches.

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