Configurable ContextMenu API update / example

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

I have received numerous requests for an example which demonstrates how to implement the ConfigurableContextMenu API which I had developed back in February of this year.

In the time since the original post I have re-factored many of the core features, however the goal of the ConfigurableContextMenu API remains the same.

The following is a brief recap from the original post.

The ContextMenu classes in ActionScript 3: ContextMenu, ContextMenuItem, ContextMenuBuiltInItems provide a good base for working with context menus in Flex 2, however they do not provide an intuitive API for developing and working with custom context menus, especially at runtime, so in this regard these classes fall short to some degree.

In order to provide a solution which addresses the issues mentioned above I have developed a ConfigurableContextMenu API which allows developers to dynamically create custom context menus by which items can be added, removed, enabled, disabled, shown, hidden and cloned dynamically at runtime. This API also addresses certain Flash Player restrictions which fail silently in the ContextMenuItem class such as caption collisions and reserved captions restrictions which are simply ignored by Flash Player, leaving the developer clueless (until reading the documentation) as to why the items have not been created.

Below I have provided links to ConfigurableContextMenu resources which include complete documentation, UML class diagrams and basic example Flex application.

uml diagram

The ConfigurableContextMenu API is published under the MIT license.

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