Cairngen Roadmap

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

It has been awhile since I initially posted the pre-alpha release of Cairngen in early January. As I had mentioned in the original post, Cairngen was simply a tool which I created to help speed up my own personal development process when building Flex applications with Adobe Cairngorm. My intentions were to share the project “as is”, as I had assumed other developers would certainly benefit from using Cairngen to quickly generate Cairngorm classes and project directories. I have since received numerous E-mails from many developers who are using Cairngen and the feedback has been very positive.

In part, I released Cairngen to demonstrate just how easy it was to build a simple tool to generate Cairngorm projects and templates. From start to finish the pre-release version of Cairngen took around 6 hours or so. Another reason I released Cairngen was in the hopes that other developers with the required time available would take an initiative and build a proper Eclipse based plug in version of Cairngen.

Since Cairngen’s pre-release, there has been many developers building their own versions of Cairngen in other technologies, and I see this is as a very good thing for the community. Originally, I was contemplating releasing Cairngen to the community as an open source project in order to allow developers the ability to extend the APIs to suit their particular needs. This would alleviate much of the need for my continued maintenance and support of the project.

So what is the future of Cairngen moving forward? Ultimately, I have decided to re-develop Cairngen from the ground up as an Apollo application. Building Cairngen in Apollo will give me maximum flexibility and allows Cairngen to run as a stand alone application. I still have some additional research to complete before I can officially confirm, however, it will definitely be possible, and it will also help build interest in the Apollo community as well.

So if you are developing applications with Cairngen you can expect the version 1.0 release to be available as an Apollo application shortly after the alpha release of Apollo is available. If you have any requests for the 1.0 release feel free to comment.

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