Friday, November 10th, 2006

One of the good things about Enterra Solutions is that we are partners with Adobe, and through this partnership we get alot of useful tips from the our client engagement partners at Adobe consulting.

I was informed of www.cairngormdocs.org, a really useful site which alot of people don’t know about. Cairngormdocs.org is a site dedicated to providing documentation and learning resources for the Cairngorm Microarchitecture for Adobe Flex. I am a strong advocate of the Cairngorm micro-architecture so if you are a Flex developer new to Cairngrom you should definitely check this site out.

I will also be posting a new tutorial called “Cairngorm made simple!”, which is intended to be a simple “Hello World” application which walks you through the sequence of events in a Cairngorm application. So if you are a bit confused about Cairngorm and how it is implemented, I guarantee that after reading this short tutorial you will have a very clear understanding of Cairngorm, what it does, what it doesn’t do and how to implement Cairngorm step-by-step in an application. So stay posted.

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